How to add shine to your eyes
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3 SIMPLE TIPS: How to add shine to your eyes

3 SIMPLE TIPS: How to add shine to your eyes 

How to add shine to your eyes. Eyes are often the first thing others notice about you. It is completely natural because when you talk, you look into your eyes. But how to add shine to the eyes?

1. Do the compress! Classic cucumber slices are still honored!

Cut a few slices of cucumber, let them cool in the refrigerator, and place for a quarter of an hour with your eyes closed. Then wash your eyes with cool water. If you want a more luxurious pampering, you can replace cucumbers with cotton pads dipped in cold rose water.

2. Dance and move!

Favorite music and hip traps are the best eye-catchers. No one forbids using them even when you are alone at home and the couple is not in sight. Repeat this movement until the eyes become watery. After that, the eyes look much brighter.

3. Toning with makeup!

If you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter than usual, draw a toning line on the mucous membranes of the lower eyelids with a white make-up pencil. It immediately gives a fresher look. The effect is complemented by adding white eyeshadow to the middle of the eyelids, under the eyebrow, and into the inner corner of the eye.

3 SIMPLE TIPS: How to add shine to your eyes
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