5 exercises: Flat belly once and for all, stomach, flat stomach now, home exercises
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5 exercises: Flat belly once and for all

5 exercises: Flat belly once and for all

The right exercises can make the path to flat stomach both shorter – and more fun. Here are five effective and challenging exercises. The good news is that you can handle them in 15 minutes.

side Plank


HOW TO DO: The home position is a wide plank. That is, put your arms and legs in a broad position, and lift the body from the floor in one piece with arms outstretched and tummy tight. Hold the wide plank for two to three minutes. Depending on how strong you are, 30 seconds – or less – is fine at first. Then release the floor with your right hand and swing your arm up so that you come up standing in a side plank as in the picture. If you want to challenge yourself, you can push your upper knee up against your chest and back again. Then return the arm to the floor and change to the opposite side.

HOW MANY: Repeat as many times as you can – without compromising on quality.
Tip! Want to get the most out of the exercise? So keep the body straight, and make sure that the number is not bristling or hanging.

Walk the Plank

HOW MANY: As many as you can, can you handle three?

Tip! The good thing about the plank and other stability exercises is that they strengthen all the abdominal muscles – also the inner layer, which is difficult to train.

Twister - the oblique abdominal muscles

HOW TO DO: Focus on the highest point of the number and find the balance. Keep the upper body and legs lifted off the floor. Move the weight alternately from side to side across the body, as if dipping on each side of the body. The legs also change sides so you can keep balance – when the arms are to the right, the legs are to the left and so on.
HOW MANY: Do 3 rounds of 12 exercises with short breaks between rounds.
Tip! If you are strong in the stomach, use a heavy dumbbell or a 1½ liter bottle of water as extra load.

Classic belly bend


HOW TO DO: If you are not that strong in your stomach, the classic belly bend is good. But quality is crucial: Rather few repetitions where you use your stomach correctly than many where you cheat and e.g. don’t come very far. Lie on your back with bent legs so that your feet are well placed on the floor. Tighten the abdomen and lift the upper body as high as you can. If you pull in your abdomen while lifting, you get intense training.
HOW MANY: Do 3 rounds of 12 exercises. Short break.
Tip! Is it difficult to retract the inner abdominal muscles? Imagine cracking a walnut with your stomach as you lift.

Gets the lower abdominal muscles

HOW TO DO: Yet another effective classic. Lie on your back with your hands behind your neck or down the side of your body. The legs are lifted together towards the ceiling. Tighten the abdomen and lift the back, activating the lower abdomen.
REPEATS: Do 3 rounds of 12 exercises. Take a short break between each round.
Tip! Make sure to pull in the innermost abdominal muscles, which should be extra calories burned.

stomach, flat stomach now, home exercises. stomach, flat stomach now, home exercises. stomach, flat stomach now, home exercises. stomach, flat stomach now, home exercises.

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5 exercises: Flat belly once and for all
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