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5 minutes Exercises for Perfect Posture

The trainer showed 7 exercises, the regular implementation of which will provide you with a beautiful and healthy back.

For a healthy back and a royal posture, it is important to ensure movement in all segments of the spine. This should be done regularly, allocating at least 5-10 minutes a day. Each of the exercises below is recommended to be performed at a slow pace and in a comfortable amplitude 5-10 times.

1. Cat

  • Starting position: square – palms under the shoulders, knees under the buttocks.
  • Pushing off the mat simultaneously with your feet and hands, round your back as you exhale. As you inhale, slowly return to the starting position and stretch your sternum forward.

2. Mermaid

  • Starting position: bend your right leg in front of you, take your left leg back, sit well on your buttocks.
  • Support one arm and, keeping your buttocks in contact with the mat, rotate your chest. As you inhale from the supporting arm, while exhaling, twist towards the supporting arm.

3. Lateral tilt

  • Starting position: bend your right leg at the knee, open the left leg to the side. exercises
  • Leaning on your right hand, open your left side well, and bend over. Continuing to open the area between the ribs on the left side, unfold the body to a straight leg and return to the starting position.

4. Swan

  • Starting position: lying on your back, relax your lower back, stretching behind the buttocks back towards the heels. Place your hands on your forearms and open your chest well. exercises
  • Raise your head, stretch your chest forward, slide your ribs forward, stretching your lower back well and, pushing off with your hands, get into good extension. Return to starting position.

5. Rotation lying on your back

  • Starting position: lying on your right side, stretch your buttocks to your heels, lengthening your left side, lift your left hand up. exercises
  • Stretching out behind the left hand, twist until the hips remain on the floor, return to the starting position.

6. Roll down

  • Starting position: sitting, knees bent, grab your hips with your hands.
  • Curling your pelvis, slowly round your back. Slowly return to the starting position and reach for the crown of the head up, stretching the spine. exercises

7. Saw

  • Starting position: sitting, back straight, legs can be bent at the knees or straight.
  • With your right hand, start moving backward, as in swimming, with your left hand, stretch to your right foot, return to the starting position. exercises

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5 minutes Exercises for Perfect Posture


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