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Adriana Lima, real reasons that pushed to quit Victoria’s Secret

Adriana Lima, the real reasons that pushed her to quit Victoria’s Secret

A model since the age of 15, Adriana Lima entered the profession by winning a competition in her native country, Brazil. Famous for having participated in numerous Victoria’s Secret lingerie shows, the supermodel has announced her decision to step down. Why?

After numerous magazine covers for the most famous publications around the world and numerous advertising campaigns for international brands,  Adriana Lima is especially famous for having played one of the angels of Victoria’s Secret. But here, yesterday haloed of glory, the image of the American lingerie brand seems today tarnished and one can wonder if Adriana Lima did not decide to withdraw because of this dogged image.

According to the American magazine Forbes, in 2017, sales of Victoria’s Secret fell considerably and the label has struggled to rebound since. The brand also suffers collateral damage as a result of the Epstein affair because the L. Brands group which owns it has had relations with Jeffrey Epstein, the now-deceased financier, at the origin of the legal case which concerns her name. In addition, faced with the “body positive” movement, Victoria’s Secret sins by a lack of diversity in its proposals, whether in its collections, parades, or advertising campaigns. As a result, customers around the world would sanction the brand by turning away from its products. This could also explain that some “angels” are starting to turn on their heels, even if it means renouncing wonderful contracts.


What is surprising about the departure of  model Adriana Lima is that in 2017, she told People magazine that she would not leave Victoria’s Secret until she had participated in at least 20 of her shows, adding that she liked to walk this podium because it made her: “happy, sexy, like an angel, horny and bubbly!” ”

During her last show, the top also burst into tears. Later, she will explain in an interview with The Daily Front Row that she had anticipated her departure a year before the end of this collaboration. She said to the daily, “I did my best not to cry, but I burst into tears. I loved walking on the podium. It was always the event of my life. Knowing that this was my last time was not easy to realize. It was very moving. … I burst into tears because I was sad, but also because of the love received in return. It’s not just the brand but the girls, my hairdressers, the makeup artists. ”

While thanking her fans on Instagram for supporting her during her 19 years on Victoria’s Secret catwalk, Adriana Lima simultaneously posted a bittersweet message: “Dear Victoria, thank you for showing me the world. , to share your secrets, and especially not to give me wings but to teach me to fly “!


A year before the announcement of his departure, however, the rumor preceded the model. Through a message in December 2017 on Instagram, Adriana Lima explained that she had refused to shoot a “sexy video” for social networks. She argued: “Even though I made a lot of videos of this guy, something has changed in me”. The model also explained that she was starting to question the pressure on women. She added that from that moment on, she began to realize that the majority of women probably woke up every morning trying to adapt to a stereotype imposed by society, social media, fashion, etc. . She insisted with the following message: “I will no longer take off my clothes for [some] trivial cause. ”


A year before terminating her contract with Victoria’s Secret, Adriana Lima said she wanted to participate in the emancipation of women. Remained somewhat ambiguous since Adriana Lima had told People before her last  Victoria’s Secret fashion show: “I look forward to supporting women and being connected to different projects that support women around the world”. She had posted the following message on Instagram: “We [women] must not continue to live in a world that has such superficial moral values ​​…”, she added: “I won’t to change, on behalf of my grandmother, my mother, and all of her ancestors who were labeled, put under pressure, [misunderstood] ”. Although the model has never openly criticized Victoria’s Secret, since leaving, she has always remained sincere about her desire for more diversity in the world of fashion. “… I want any young girl or boy to be able to open a magazine, website, or Instagram, regardless of her fashion outlook and feel represented in a beautiful and positive way. She told People in 2019.

In 2017, her close friend and “runway friend” Alessandra Ambrosio also left Victoria’s Secret. Officially, the model wanted to develop her acting career and devote herself to her own brand of swimwear, Ale by Alessandra. But this could suggest that Adriana Lima was inspired by this departure … A few years earlier, in 2015,  Karlie Kloss, Victoria’s Secret star model also had left the label unexpectedly. The top had then explained in the pages of Vogue: “The reason why I decided to stop working with Victoria’s Secret,
Undoubtedly with the awareness of many Victoria’s Secret models, Adriana Lima said in 2019 in Vogue Arabia: “I believe in the brands I work with and hope my audience realizes that I am authentic”.


Although she no longer has a contract with a brand like Victoria’s Secret, she has worked a lot since leaving. She plans to march for as long as she can and now spends more time with her children. The top is also devoted to other projects in fashion and notably collaborated with Puma or BCBG Max Azria in 2019. This year, the daily newspaper The Daily Front Row also elected her “Fashion icon of the year” And when the daily newspaper asks her for how long she hopes to continue her career, she replies: “I have been a model for over 20 years, so ok, of course, I know how to take a picture … But I want to break the perception that I I’m just a pretty face. I want more than that to be remembered. I want people to remember that I worked hard, that I am caring and that I am a businesswoman. ”

Today, the top is still careful what she eats, but she no longer knows the pressure of the strict diet imposed by Victoria’s Secret. In the pages of ELLE, the former catwalk star revealed that she now consumes healthy food, even while traveling with a cooler full of meals prepared by Perfecting Athletes’ nutrition department. His goal now is no longer to be slim for the podium but to stay healthy for long life.

Adriana Lima, real reasons that pushed to quit Victoria’s Secret
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