The (almost) forgotten runners-up in the jungle camp

The (almost) forgotten runners-up in the jungle camp

The (almost) forgotten runners-up in the jungle camp

These jungle campers had to be content with rank 2

The (almost) forgotten runners-up in the jungle camp. 14 winners have already been crowned in “I’m a star – get me out of here!”. Most of them remember the kings and queens of the jungle camp. But what about the runners-up? Ok, many people still know that Larissa Marolt only missed the win in season 8. In the video, we show which celebrities “only” had to settle for second place, even though they caused a lot of hustle and bustle in the camp.

Lisa Fitz was the first jungle princess in 2004

Costa Cordalis was the first winner on the throne in 2004. The hit and jungle king, unfortunately, passed away in 2019 – we also had to say goodbye to other jungle camp candidates. By the way, when Costa became king of the jungle, actress Lisa Fitz (69) landed in second place. We have listed your successors as jungle princes and princesses on the ungrateful second place for you. The (almost) forgotten runners-up in the jungle camp

The ungrateful 2nd place in 14 seasons jungle camp went to …


  • Season 1: Crown for Costa Cordalis – 2nd place goes to Lisa Fitz
  • Season 2: Crown for Désirée Nick – 2nd place goes to Isabel Varell
  • Season 3: Crown for Ross Antony – 2nd place goes to Michaela Schaffrath
  • Season 4: Crown for Ingrid van Bergen – 2nd place goes to Lorielle London
  • Season 5: Crown for Peer Kusmagk – 2nd place goes to Katy Karrenbauer
  • Season 6: Crown for Brigitte Nielsen – 2nd place goes to Kim Gloss
  • Season 7: Crown for Joey Heindle – 2nd place goes to Olivia Jones
  • Season 8: Crown for Melanie Müller – 2nd place goes to Larissa Marolt
  • Season 9: Crown for Maren Gilzer – 2nd place goes to Jörn Schlönvoigt
  • Season 10: Crown for Menderes Bağcı – 2nd place goes to Sophia Vegas
  • Season 11: Crown for Marc Terenzi – 2nd place goes to Hanka Rackwitz
  • Season 12: Crown for Jenny Frankhauser – 2nd place goes to Daniele Negroni
  • Season 13: Crown for Evelyn Burdecki – 2nd place goes to Felix van Deventer
  • Season 14: Crown for Prince Damien – 2nd place goes to Sven Ottke

In “I am a star – the big jungle show”12 celebrities are currently fighting for the “golden ticket” for the 2022 jungle camp. Perhaps among them is the successor to Prince Damien, the season 14 winner. All information about the big jungle show 2021 can be found here.

Stream the jungle show 2021 on TV NOW

“I’m a Star – The Big Jungle Show” always runs live on RTL on TV from 10:15 p.m. – and at the same time also on the RTL live stream on TVNOW and subsequently on demand.

Anyone who is even more in the mood for jungle fever can watch the old episodes of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” On TV NOW.


The (almost) forgotten runners-up in the jungle camp
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