Alpha male met alpha female

Alpha male met alpha female

Details of the stormy intimate life of Ivlev and his wife

Alpha male met alpha female. The wedding of 47-year-old Konstantin Ivlev and 28-year-old Valeria Kudenkova took place in mid-February in one of the capital’s registry offices, which Lera immediately reported in her story by posting a photo with her husband.

True, the celebrations did not end there. Already in early March, the newlyweds went to the homeland of Konstantin – to the Krasnodar Territory, where they staged magnificent festivities in the traditional style.

Despite the fact that many immediately began to wonder how soon the couple would stop being together, it seems that in spite of the haters this will never happen. So, during the DNA show with Lolita, Konstantin admitted that he is planning a long alliance with a girl who is almost 20 years younger than him. “I’m not going to marry anymore,” he boldly declared to those who refused to take part in the wedding celebrations. Alpha male met alpha female

Konstantin also told about how he met Valeria. “She stood and ate cherries at the fish counter,” the most famous Russian chef told the romantic story. And, as it turned out, that meeting was not accidental. Alpha male met alpha female

After performing several genetic tests before the program, Lolita said that the boss and Valeria have perfect compatibility. According to Lolita, Konstantin has a very active testosterone gene, and Valeria has special mutations that increase the female hormone. “You could say the alpha male met the alpha female. You attract each other on a hormonal level. From the point of view of the genetic language, we have confirmed that you are an ideal couple, ”said the singer. Alpha male met alpha female

Constantine immediately reacted to Lolita’s words, confirming their veracity. “Yes, that’s the way it is, we have a very good connection with Leroy: relationship, sexual history. Cool, I like it very much, so we are on the right track, ”the chef said. And Valeria did not hide her feelings, saying: “This is my man! He is the best!”


Alpha male met alpha female
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