Anne Brendler poses naked for "Playboy"
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Anne Brendler poses naked for “Playboy”

Former “GZSZ” star Anne Brendler poses naked for “Playboy”

At 48 years of age

Anne Brendler poses naked for “Playboy”. Actress Anne Brendler (48) took the step with a delay. At the age of 48, the ex- “GZSZ” star took off his clothes for the German edition of “Playboy” (November edition). Many years ago she received an offer from the men’s magazine, as the actress Vanessa Richter reveals in the accompanying interview. But only now has she “just said yes”.

That has to do with the fact that she now has “a better attitude towards life than before”. “It also makes me feel better about myself, although 25 years ago I probably didn’t look any worse than I do now.”

Forever Vanessa Richter

Brendler played the character Vanessa Richter, daughter of TV disgust Jo Gerner (Wolfgang Bahro, 60), for the first time in 1996 and until 1998 in the RTL series “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten”. In 2015, 2016, and 2017 she made several guest appearances on “GZSZ” and is now part of the offshoot “Sunny – Who are you really?” (TVNOW), which revolves around Vanessa Richter’s daughter Sunny (Valentina Pahde, 26).

To this day, this role is inseparably linked to her, so Brendler in the “Playboy” interview: “‘GZSZ‘ simply has an enormous reach. Even if I were to make 20 films a year, the soap is simply shaped by the daily people Radiance stronger. ” Regarding her comeback on “Sunny”, she says: “It’s nice when you get older with such a series character and the character can develop. I would like to do that even longer and more intensely.”


Anne Brendler poses naked for “Playboy”
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