Another death from Coronavirus in Lahore
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Another death from Coronavirus in Lahore

Another death from Coronavirus in Lahore

LAHORE: Another Coronavirus patient has died in Pakistan, after which the death toll has risen to 23 while the number of infected patients has increased to 1625.

Another death from Coronavirus in Lahore. According to details, another patient died of coronavirus at Mayo Hospital in Lahore, CEO Prof. Asad alam confirmed the death of the Corona patient and said that 3 coronavirus patients died at Mayo Hospital.

Professor Aslam said the 41-year-old patient was undergoing treatment at Isolation Ward, the patient was brought to Komoyu Hospital in critical condition, the patient’s coronavirus test came positive.

The CEO added that the patient was also prone to paralysis and mental illnesses. The number of coronavirus patients has increased to seven in Punjab.

In Karachi, 2 patients with coronavirus died while undergoing treatment, which resulted in 5 deaths in Corona in Karachi and 24 in the country.

Earlier, more than two coronavirus patients died in the country, the person undergoing treatment at Jhelum was undergoing treatment in Rawalpindi while the other patient who died from Corona was from Wah.

It is believed that the number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has reached 1625, the number of deaths due to coronavirus has increased to 18 and 11 are critical and 28 patients have recovered from the virus.

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Another death from Coronavirus in Lahore
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