Apple launches coronavirus protection products
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Apple launches coronavirus protection products

The head of the corporation, Tim Cook, spoke about the new product on his Twitter.

Apple launches coronavirus protection products. Modern problems require new solutions, so Apple decided to start a new business for itself. The head of the corporation, Tim Cook, said in his official Twitter account that the company is launching the production of protective equipment for healthcare providers to help combat the coronavirus. Yes, do not be surprised, Apple will create special face shields similar to protective masks. These devices are very useful for doctors and will help not to become infected with CoViD-19 while working with patients.

Plans for large-scale corporations, the release of more than one million of these funds to protect each week, the first batch was ready for another last weekend. The creation of guards will be engaged in the factories of the company in America and China. Of course, the Apple smartphone market is also not going to quit.

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Apple launches coronavirus protection products
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