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Bella Hadid adopts Carla Bruni’s signature haircut

Their disturbing resemblance is no longer a mystery, but it continues to amaze us. During a shoot, Bella Hadid again played on her similarities with Carla Bruni.

If she is today a top model that we no longer even need to present, pacing all the red carpets and fashion shows, Bella Hadid has long been compared to one of her elders. Indeed, the young woman of 23 years seems to have been endowed with the same beauty as Carla Bruni. Their resemblance is striking, obvious, disturbing, as is the way they pose in front of the camera. SHE had brought them together alongside Riccardo Tisci. The one who was the muse of Gianni Versace before selling millions of albums and entering the Elysée found her worthy heiress in the Instagram it-girl. It is also on the social network that Gigi Hadid’s sister posted a snapshot from the last campaign for Helmut Lang. In these black and white photos, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is the daughter of Yolanda Foster or the ex-first lady. Especially thanks to the haircut that Bella Hadid sports. The model opted for a sleek, ultra 90s tapered hairstyle with a curtain fringe that immediately recalls the great years of Italian supermodel. An astonishing but very hyped hairstyle that goes hand in hand with the big come-back of the trends – a bit kitsch – of this golden decade. Admirers of the young woman, obviously, did not fail to note this resemblance in comments.


We thought this hairstyle left at the bottom of the dungeons of time, and yet it could well come back. Tapering, a hit of the 90s and 2000s, would soon become a must. Paris Hilton, Ashley Tisdale, or Avril Lavigne: all the pop girls of the time tore this technique of haircut which consists of lightening the bottom of the hair with blows of scissors. But like fashion, beauty is an eternal renewal.

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Bella Hadid adopts Carla Bruni’s signature haircut
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