Bella Hadid becomes a scary naked alien

Bella Hadid becomes a scary naked alien

Bella Hadid becomes a scary naked alien

A dream for all sci-fi fans

Bella Hadid (24) has finally finished her Instagram break and is busy posting again. There, she recently surprised her fans with eye-catching hair highlights and is now providing a wow moment again. Because on her account, Bella now shares the curious result of a fashion shoot in which the model becomes a frightening alien. Bella Hadid becomes a scary naked alien.

Bella Hadid: Focused look and shiny skin

In the new issue of “V Magazine”, Bella can now be seen as a crazy alien who focuses the camera with a fixed gaze and presents her silver alien body naked. “V Magazine” puts it this way: “Bella Hadid is the girl who fell to earth”. Traveled from a distant planet and freshly arrived on earth, this alien has only one mission: to turn the head of the fashion world!

Bella Hadid‘s fans also love her as an alien

On her own Instagram account, Bella shares a “behind-the-scenes” about the shoot and shows how she confidently finds herself in her galactic role. The fans like the spacey appearance: “Queen” and “I’m so proud of you”, it says in the comments.

The Hadid family can look forward to good genes

Bella is not the only one in her family who can look forward to extraterrestrial assignments as a model. Her sister Gigi is just as successful and regularly takes the world’s fashion designers out of breath when she presents the latest robes on exclusive magazine covers. And cousin Joann van den Herik also works successfully as a plus-size model.


Bella Hadid becomes a scary naked alien
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