Bitcoin has started the new week badly
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Bitcoin has started the new week badly

Bitcoin has started the new week badly

Bitcoin has started the new week badly. The last crypto currency Bitcoin, which has attracted attention with its rapid rise in the past weeks, started the new week with a decline. The crypto currency, which saw $ 40,000 levels from the beginning of last week until the end of the week, was below expectations on the first day of the week and fell to $ 38,000.

Bitcoin continues to fluctuate

Bitcoin, which ended the week with a result that is not very surprising, fell to $ 38,000 at the beginning of the week. The failure of Bitcoin to show the expected increase is thought by analysts to be due to the decline in profit realizations.

In addition, it is claimed that Bill Miller’s statement to the SEC with his hedge fund Miller Opportunity Trust that he will invest in Bitcoin through Grayscale is allegedly effective in his attempt to test the Bitcoin price of $ 41,000.

In addition, analysts expect that if the Bitcoin price remains above $ 38,000, it will be targeted at $ 40,000 again.

Finally, let us state that Bitcoin, which started the new day at 38 thousand dollars, rose to 39 thousand dollars again at noon.

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Bitcoin has started the new week badly
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