Borodin ended up in the hospital

Borodin ended up in the hospital

After the shot in the theater Borodin ended up in the hospital

Borodin ended up in the hospital The other day, Ksenia Borodina, together with her friend, went to the Moscow Art Theater to watch a performance with Renata Litvinova in one of the roles. The girls were in the most advantageous places in the front row. At the end of the first act, an explosion thundered in the hall, but not because something happened, but because it was so intended in the play. Borodin ended up in the hospital

At the moment of a loud bang, almost the entire audience was very frightened, and Ksenia was among them. Apparently, from the sudden movement and fright, the TV presenter had something pinched, and after 15 minutes Borodin felt severe chest pain. These pains did not go away and the next day, the star had to change some of the plans and go to check the heart and the presence of neuralgia. Fortunately, it turned out that Ksenia Borodina’s heart was doing well, but neuralgia was indeed revealed. They found several clamps at the TV presenter, and now she will have massage courses and medication. Borodin ended up in the hospital

It is good that all this is being treated and that the girl will soon recover because she still needs to run the Dom-2 TV show, which will be released on April 19 on the Yu TV channel. Did the closure of the TNT project affect Borodina’s health? At that moment, when the news only appeared about the curtailment of the TV set, its permanent presenter commented on the completion of “House-2” as follows: “17 years in the frame and 3 more years as an editor. I devoted 20 years of my life to my favorite work. ” “The play is over, the curtain, finita la comedia!” – Ksenia wrote with regret.

However, the show continues, with Xenia’s heart everything is in order, but about those whose hearts were broken on the project. Borodin ended up in the hospital




Borodin ended up in the hospital
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