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Caitlyn ambitious facing the election: Kim Kardashian

In the race for the White House, Kanye West will have big support… Caitlyn Jenner would like to support the husband of Kim Kardashian.

For the presidential elections, Kanye West can boast of having a golden entourage. In addition to Kim Kardashian’s help, Caitlyn Jenner is said to have contacted the rapper to assist him. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

A few days ago, Kanye West surprised the media around the world. The reason?

On Twitter, he formalized his candidacy for the US presidential election. Very proud, Kim Kardashian also relayed her post via her social networks.

However, the pretty brunette does not share all of her husband’s ideas. According to Forbes, the rapper said he was against “the right to abortion” and “vaccines”.

Relatives of Kim Kardashian, the star is worried about the repercussions of his words. Whatever happens, Kanye West takes whatever he says.

And to overthrow Donald Trump, the rapper wants to surround himself with the best. He would have assembled his teams to represent him.

And a candidacy might have caught his eye … According to TMZ, Caitlyn Jenner contacted Kim Kardashian’s husband for support.


In effey, Caitlyn Jenner would have asked Kanye West if it was possible to become his running mate.

Kris Jenner’s ex also wants to be his vice president. It’s also in Westlake Village that Kylie’s dad confirmed the information to a fan.

“Caitlyn said she already asked her by SMS if she could be her racing partner,” said the informer to the tabloid.

It remains to be seen if Kim Kardashian will also validate the idea. For several years, his relations with Caitlyn Jenner have not been good.

After his transition, Kendall’s dad tackled Kris Jenner several times. Unsurprisingly, Caitlyn Jenner has therefore drawn the wrath of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

To date, only Kylie and Kendall have kept in touch with their father. The beginning of a new era? Case to follow we tell you!

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Caitlyn ambitious facing the election: Kim Kardashian
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