Car Accident Lawyer San Diego
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Car Accident Lawyer San Diego

Car Accident Lawyer San Diego

The Barnes Firm has been fighting for the rights of Car Accident Lawyer San Diego area citizens for years. In this time, we have been able to earn our clients substantial settlements. For one car accident case, we earned our client over $47 million in a settlement for road rage. In another instance where a car crash caused the driver to suffer 2nd and 3rd-degree burns, we were able to win the client a settlement of $12 million just days before the jury was selected.

Our lawyers are dedicated to bringing justice to people who have experienced major or minor car accidents of any kind. Our San Diego motorcycle accident lawyers offer a wide range of experience in their respective fields and offer proven results to their clients. When you hire one of our Car Accident Lawyer San Diego attorneys, they will work closely with vocational specialists and accident reconstruction engineers to ensure that they bring the best evidence that they can support your head-on car crash, side-impact, rear-end, or multi-vehicle collision cases in the greater San Diego area.

We understand that when you’re involved in a head-on collision, there is an extremely high chance of injury, disability, or death. When you’re looking for a San Diego lawyer that is experienced in dealing with the details that surround head-on accidents, you need someone with experience.

Here at The Barnes Firm, once you contact us, we will begin an investigation into the factors that caused the head-on collision. With our expertise and knowledge about gathering important and valid information, we will begin to build a case on your behalf.

Hit-and-run accidents are never the victim’s fault, and it’s hard to know the steps that you should take after being involved in a hit-and-run wreck in San Diego or any of the surrounding areas. After you’ve contacted the police, you should begin gathering as much evidence as you can in order to keep track of the amount of damage inflicted upon you and your car.

Always receive medical attention. Some injuries might not be present immediately, but a variety of problems can be linked back to even a minor car crash. After gathering information and being assessed medically, contact us. If you’ve been able to identify the driver or if you’ve received an injury, we may be able to help you get the money that you deserve for this wrongful incident. Car Accident Lawyer San Diego

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Car Accident Lawyer San Diego
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