COVID-19 Vaccine May be Available in June: Israel
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COVID-19 Vaccine May be Available in June: Israel

COVID-19 Vaccine May be Available in June: Israel

The state-funded Migal Institute is behind an oral spray that could “turn the disease into a cold.” Despite the illusions, the WHO requests caution.

COVID-19 Vaccine May be Available in June: Israel. Israel stands out worldwide for investing approximately 4.2% of its GDP in R&D. It is a considerable portion compared to the meager 0.5% that Argentina has scratched in recent years. 

In late February, the government announced that it is on the run to develop a vaccine that can combat and put an end to the coronavirus pandemic that, since late December, has plagued the world. The Migal Institute – Galilee Research Institute – announced on Thursday that its experts could have it ready in a short time and that, in just three months, after completing the corresponding procedures for authorizations, it could be on the market. Its application would be safe and, a priori, would not generate collateral damage of any kind. Even government sources announced that, if they were to take place, they would apply low costs to democratize access conditions to the entire population of the globe.

How will it be supplied? It is a formula that, if successful, will operate twice. On the one hand, it will protect the mouth, by activating the mucosal immune response. In this way, it is hoped that you will be able to restrict the entry of the virus through its main route of entry. On the other hand, it will strengthen the immune system by activating the specific antibodies and white blood cells, to culminate with the viral particles in the event that they manage to circumvent the mouth as the first barrier.

The news is still a surprise, especially considering that even the world’s most under-funded scientific teams, under normal conditions, take between 10 and 15 years to develop such complex immune responses. The mystery of the speed of the matter in the Israeli case is resolved, at least partially, from the responses prepared by its protagonists. According to Chen Katz, team leader, the advances at supersonic speeds were achieved because, for four years, the Institute has been working on a vaccine capable of being specified and effective against various pathogens.

This plasticity, apparently, was what allowed the researchers to modify the drug they were thinking of for infectious bronchitis in poultry and thus target it for SARS-VOC-2. At the same time, while they are preparing the drug, they are in talks with the regulatory authorities to obtain the necessary permits that will enable them to carry out the first human tests in the short term. However, since it is an oral vaccine -with a non-invasive characteristic- the Migal group would solve the bureaucratic entanglement easier. With the injections, they warn, singing would be different.

The state of the global crisis pushes researchers to double their efforts and focus full time on delivering solutions. Governments are closer than ever to their scientific-technological complexes and speed up procedures. It must be taken into account that Israel has 19 fatalities and approximately 5,000 infected. El Migal is an institution that receives financing from the State and a strong tradition. However, although the mandate of the World Health Organization invites to remain cautious and not to raise false hopes, the benchmark of the project is optimistic: “The vaccine could turn the disease into a very mild cold,” he says.

That is why it is so important to finance basic research. Although it is true that governments must administer items destined for sectors considered “strategic” -which vary according to the geopolitical location and the development model of each nation-, contemporary scenarios are so dynamic that problems can come from anywhere. In this case, the scientists had an extra advantage because they had supported their studies on other viruses. However, if they had interrupted their work due to lack of funds, today they would not have been able to respond as quickly to the needs that the current crisis moment holds.

In the current state of emergency, the WHO reported that there are more than twenty scientific projects that plan the design of a vaccine to combat the coronavirus. The advance of science opens a scenario of possibilities unthinkable decades ago. However, he announced that, as he can foresee, there would be no certain solution until 2021. In one case or another, it will be a matter of waiting.

COVID-19 Vaccine May be Available in June: Israel. COVID-19 Vaccine May be Available in June: Israel. COVID-19 Vaccine May be Available in June: Israel. COVID-19 Vaccine May be Available in June: Israel.

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COVID-19 Vaccine May be Available in June: Israel
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