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“The Crown” star Emma Corrin under pressure for Diana role

“The Crown” star Emma Corrin under pressure for Diana role

The fourth season of the Netflix hit series The Crown will start in a few days. It depicts the life of the British royal family. The coming episodes will also be about Princess Diana (36) for the first time. The princess of hearts is portrayed by newcomer Emma Corrin – for the British, this is the first major leading role. Lady Di to embody has Emma, however, is preparing a lot of headaches in advance.

The actress now revealed this on the talk show The Graham Norton Show. Accordingly, the large fan base of the late princess has caused her some concerns. After all, Diana is admired to this day. ” There was such a lot of pressure because she is so adored. And because a lot of fans seem to have the feeling that they basically knew her personally. So I felt a lot of stress when I got into the matter,” she said.

In the popular series, some serious issues will be broached in the coming episodes. Among other things, it should be about Diana’s eating disorder. The mother of Prince William (38) and Prince Harry (36) suffered from bulimia. The viewers are made aware of this difficult topic by warning notices before the respective episodes.

“The Crown” star Emma Corrin under pressure for Diana role
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