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How to dress in Hot Summer?

How to dress when it’s (very) hot?

As summer goes into extra time and temperatures rise above 30 degrees, the eternal question “How do I dress when it’s hot?” Becomes even more complicated to solve. We give you some advice to best withstand the heat to come.

The great heat is back in this new school year and anti-heatstroke ideas are fanning out: introducing the swimsuit as a working suit, transforming the yard into a giant swimming pool, working with your head in the fridge … But before you get there, here are some tips to be stylish in the office without risking overheating! summer

What materials to wear when it’s hot?

Favor natural materials such as linen, silk, bamboo, which are light and comfortable to wear thanks to their thermoregulatory properties. Also think about compositions with Tencel and Lyocell, these cellulose fibers which also help your body to “breathe” better. summer

What forms of clothing in case of high heat?

Avoid slim jeans which, in addition to keeping warm, tend to cut off blood circulation to the legs. Loose pants and flowing dresses and oversized shapes are yours to flatter the figure while letting air pass (yes!). As for the t-shirt, if you are not a fan of thin straps, we recommend the blouse with puffed sleeves. The sensation of lightness guaranteed! summer

Which shoes to choose when it’s 30 degrees?

Who says heat says water retention. To get off on the right foot when it’s hot, we favor open AND flat shoes, just to let our little feet breathe without bullying them. If you want to stay perched, wedge sandals, more comfortable than stiletto heels, are the best option. summer

What accessories to protect yourself from the heat?

If you walk to work (lucky lady), don’t forget to protect yourself with a hat or cap. Sunstroke in the office, no thanks! If you take transport (we sympathize), don’t forget your best friend, the fan, which will make your trip (a little) more pleasant. summer

What colors to wear so as not to be too hot?

Choose summery pieces in light colors. And yes, leave dark colors in the closet which, in addition to being gloomy, absorb heat. White reflects all the waves of the sun. He will be your best ally during this scorching heat. To mix with vitamin colors, such as red and orange, to give pep’s to your look or pastel colors to stay well done.

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How to dress in Hot Summer?
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