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Easy workout for stomach, buttocks and thighs

Easy workout for stomach, buttocks and thighs

Easy workout for stomach, buttocks and thighs

A strong body with beautiful and toned muscles, more energy and a weight loss as a side gain. There are many reasons to have a good workout routine, and you can get it with this simple program from Frida Hallqvist’s new book “Body by Frida”, which you can do at home without the wild equipment show.

Easy workout for stomach, buttocks and thighs.

OBJECTIVE: This program focuses on training your buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. The workout gives you resistance from the elastic, which challenges your body with lactic acid in the muscles. You need to learn how to exercise despite the pain so that your muscles become even stronger and more toned.

REMEMBER: When the pain in the muscles comes, remember that it doesn’t suddenly get even harder. You just have to learn how to endure. You get stronger after each workout and the pain in the muscles will come later.

EQUIPMENT: A chair, a yoga mat, a rubber band or a long elastic band that you tie. You can also do the exercises without elastic, but with the right equipment, the training becomes easier, more fun and more challenging.

TIME: 1-minute workout + 15-second break x 3 sets.

LEVEL: There are two levels to all exercises so everyone can join. Start with Level 1 and notice how it feels in your body. If that’s okay and you want to be challenged more, you can move on to Level 2.

VARIATION: Mix the program with other exercises with weight, cardio, and yoga. Exercise variation is the way forward for a strong, healthy and well-trained body.


LEVEL 1: Keep your thighs and buttocks on the floor.

LEVEL 2: Lift the thigh and buttocks off the floor.

A: Lie on your back and hold the chair directly above you. Press the lower back fully into the mat and tighten the abdominal muscles. Open your knees slightly to the side so you can feel the resistance of the elastic. Keep your feet together.

B: Breathe in and lower your feet to the floor. Exhale and slowly pull your legs back up.

C:  Level 2: When you lift your legs back up, lift the number off the floor with a controlled movement. That way you get even better at the abdominal muscles.

Hip lifting exerciseHip lifting exerciseHip lifting exerciseHip lifting exercise


LEVEL  1: Hold two feet on the chair.

LEVEL  2: Keep one foot on the chair.

A: Lie on your back and put your heels up on the edge of the chair. Flex your feet and tighten your abdominal muscles.

B: Exhale and lift the seam to get a long line from shoulder to knee. Breathe in and come down again to the floor.

C: Level 2: Extend one leg towards the ceiling.

D: Level 2: When you lift the number, press the leg slightly towards the body. 30 seconds on each leg.


LEVEL  1: Stand on flat feet.

LEVEL  2: Stand on toes with hipshot forward.

A: Put your hands on the chair and bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Tighten the abdomen and buttocks. Keep your back long and stretch your arms.

B: Exhale and open your knees to the side so you can feel the resistance of the elastic. Breathe in and come back with your knees again.

C: Level 2: Stand on your toes and push your hip up toward the ceiling, so you tighten even more in the buttocks as you extend your knees to the side.


Leg lifts

LEVEL  1: Keep a steady flow of movement.

LEVEL  2: Pulse leg up to the side for the last 10 seconds.

A: Put one hand on the chair and stretch the leg to the side. Bend the leg, you stand on parallel legs. Tighten the abdominal muscles.

B: Exhale and lift the leg out as far as you can. Breathe in and come back down. Change legs after 30 seconds.

C: Level 2. Stay as high as you can and pulse your leg up with small movements for the last 10 seconds.Training Elastic

Easy workout for stomach, buttocks and thighs. Easy workout for stomach, buttocks and thighs. 

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