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Effective tips to avoid slipping your tights

Here are some effective tips to avoid slipping your tights

With the temperatures cooling down, we start to bring out our tights. But how to avoid spinning them? Here are some tips.

Autumn is fast approaching and temperatures are already cooling off? For those who have already taken out their tights, we give you some advice to avoid spinning them and thus extend their lifespan!

Who hasn’t put on their tights a few minutes after trying them on? Whether it’s a ring, a chair, or some other object that can facilitate breakage, it’s not always easy to avoid these snags. You will see that there are effective tips to remedy this. Here they are!

The cold water trick

As soon as you have bought a new pantyhose, place it under cold water, then wring it out and let it dry. Normally this will make it more resistant and prevent it from slipping off at the slightest hitch.

The fridge trick

Wash your pantyhose in cold water then place them in a freezer bag and put them in the fridge. The cold makes the mesh more resistant. Let it thaw and dry before putting it on. The ideal is to do this before wearing it for the first time, because we all know that it can happen, even with new tights.

The lacquer trick

To give the mesh more resistance, spray hairspray on your new tights. Yes yes, the hairspray that you use to hold your brushing. This old grandma trick really works!

The clear varnish trick

Are you at work, on the metro, in class, or with friends and you realize that your tights have a tear? Do not panic. If you have a clear polish, a top coat, a base, or a varnish in the exact color of your pantyhose, apply somewhere the pantyhose has spun, making sure to bring the two parts together.

Once the polish is dry, it will allow the mesh to hold and, even if your pantyhose isn’t magically repaired, the snag shouldn’t get bigger!

Granted, this technique is more used to repair your tights when the damage is already done but it deserves to be mentioned!

Finally, remember to take care to put on your tights gently and avoid having rings before putting them on. With these tips, we bet you won’t have any more worries!

Effective tips to avoid slipping your tights
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