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What is email advertising? – leadership

Evaluate the benefits of email advertising and learn how to increase its effectiveness using SendPulse

Email advertising – this type of marketing, which consists of sending out promotional emails to potential buyers. This approach requires the consent of customers to receive brand promotions. To do this, marketers give them the opportunity to subscribe to the company’s mailings.

Email ads only work if potential customers are looking for brand messages. This is why it is so important to invite users to subscribe to the newsletter. The most effective way to use a two-step subscription is to ensure that you attract interested subscribers. Email campaigns without the consent of potential buyers only harm the sender’s reputation, as they lead to a decrease in the open rate of emails and an increase in spam complaints.

One example of email advertising is sending emails to a company’s customers with information about new products, discounts, or upcoming events. This way, marketers educate potential buyers about the benefits they will receive if they fill out the subscription form. It helps leads know the benefits of subscribing to a brand newsletter.

Most internet entrepreneurs today use email services like SendPulse to manage subscriber data and automate promotional emails. Moreover, using SendPulse, you can segment your customers based on personal data.

Benefits of email advertising

  • Saves time and costs
  • Allows you to segment your target audience
  • Based on customer consent
  • Has a high ROI
  • Helps track and compare results
  • Has quick response and triggers word of mouth

Even with the tremendous growth of SEOsocial media, and mobile marketing, email advertising remains one of the most profitable marketing strategies. According to Statista, 3.7 billion email users worldwide sent and received 269 billion emails daily in 2017. This figure is expected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2022, which means that about half of the world’s population will use email. Therefore, email advertising will provide the best business opportunity. However, before investing finance in this type of marketing, you need to know about the benefits that the company can get.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using an email advertising.

Saves time and costs

The cost of using email as an advertising channel for goods and services is significantly lower than most other forms of marketing. Businesses don’t spend money printing posters or brochures. There is no fee for sending promotional messages, unlike standard advertising in the media space. Plus, automating email campaigns helps marketers reduce the time they spend on advertising. With SendPulse, you can send up to 15,000 emails every month absolutely free.

Allows you to segment your target audience

Email advertising solves many of the disadvantages of untargeted marketing, such as TV or billboard advertising. With segmentation, marketers reach a more interested audience in the brand’s offerings. First, companies group customers based on location, demographics, stage of the sales funnel, and other variables, and then send them emails with relevant offers.

Based on customer consent

The best part of email advertising is that the messages are received by people who are truly interested in the brand’s products or services. This approach helps build an email list of potential buyers who are most likely to convert in the future.

Has a high ROI

According to the findings of the Data & Marketing Association, every dollar spent on email advertising generates approximately $ 32 in revenue. This only confirms the fact that email marketing is worth investing in. It increases sales, conversions and helps create an effective strategy for each stage of the sales funnel. Moreover, email advertising requires less effort than other types of marketing due to the automation of processes in services such as SendPulse.

Helps track and compare results

With email ads, marketers can easily gauge the success of their promotions. They track the performance of their emails and use feedback to improve future campaigns. Also, marketers compare the results of their campaigns with the email ad benchmarks in their industry. Benchmarking data can be found online. This approach helps you identify problems, make changes, and improve the effectiveness of your strategy.

Has quick response and triggers word of mouth

Email messages are delivered very quickly, so marketers can see results in just minutes after submitting a campaign. Email ads are a great way to motivate leads to take action. Therefore, this type of marketing remains the main driver of customer acquisition for 81% of small and medium-sized businesses. Another benefit of using email advertising is the ability for subscribers to exchange ad content with friends and family, which helps increase company brand awareness.

In SendPulse, you can increase your sales through email advertising in a few simple steps:

  1. Register to create an account;
  2. Create a campaign: choose a suitable email template, add a subject and text;
  3. Check the letter before sending it;
  4. Track statistics and improve performance with each new campaign.

Examples of email ads

We have selected for you some interesting examples of email advertising from different brands:

See how Rozetka’s online store attracts customers with an exclusive offer.

How to improve the effectiveness of email advertising

  1. Make the subscription process as easy as possible
  2. Use a two-step subscription
  3. Don’t spam emails
  4. Create a schedule for sending email ads
  5. Split testing

Below we have prepared 5 useful tips to help you increase the effectiveness of your email ads.

Make the subscription process as easy as possible

The easier the subscription process, the more users will leave their email addresses. Request only information that you can use to segment your campaigns. For example, name, age, gender, occupation, place of residence, and other information will help you create personalized campaigns.

Use a two-step subscription

It guarantees more engagement from potential customers. Keep your 2-Step email short and engaging, and be sure to focus on the confirmation button. An effective call to action is the key to a successful campaign.

Don’t spam emails

Be careful when collecting email addresses from subscribers and interacting with them. Buying mailing lists leads to an increase in spam complaints, a decrease in the sender’s reputation, and even to being blacklisted. Avoid capital letters in your subject line, provide your subscribers with relevant content, and so on. Make sure your emails contain an unsubscribe option and a physical company address.

Create a schedule for sending email ads

Email ads work best when sent at the right time. Therefore, consider time zones if you are sending emails to different countries.

Split testing

Split testing helps to determine the most effective option for the target audience when the mailing time, email subject or content, CTA, and so on.

What is email advertising? – leadership
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