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We end the year in a turtleneck and a room jacket

We end the year in a turtleneck and a room jacket

We end the year in a turtleneck and a room jacket. “You know Detective Poirot’s shawl-necked dressing gowns in Agatha Christie’s detective stories? – remembers Carlo Pignatelli – Well, they are the alternative to the turtleneck tuxedo for the homemade New Year’s Eve awaiting us ». After all, the tuxedo was born just like a house jacket that the lords put on after dinner when, taking off the tails, they went to smoke in a separate living room. So as not to disturb the ladies at the table. Poirot’s were in precious fabrics such as brocade or textured satin. Pignatelli modernizes them by contaminating them with the East: tightened by the asymmetrical kimono-like lacing and in slub silk with satin details. «The important thing – recalls the designer – is that they have a very cool shawl collar even in classic tuxedos. For those who want to remain faithful to traditions ».
From the bedroom to the living room
Loretta Caponi’s institution of the fact and hand embroidered (since 1967), is Florentine excellence in this kind of bedroom clothing. Servants, nobles, crowned heads, heads of state and industrialists. The Rockefellers, Charles of England, and the Kennedys make text. «We have a vast choice of bedroom jackets – says Guido Caponi -. In the made to measure we also personalize them with eccentric embroideries such as felines ». Probably for eastern tycoons. But as in any atelier, turtleneck, no names are mentioned. «If it is made of precious fabric, all the better – adds the designer Gabriele Pasini -. Personally, I have a whole section of the closet to receive at home. I also find them very chic in tartan fabric ». But the democratization of this custom by Lord has reconciled economic models such as that of interlock branded Intimissimi (59.50 euros). How to combine these items back in fashion with forced domiciliation?

Candid and sweet


We end the year in a turtleneck and a room jacket

Underpants, on the other hand, the suit is abundantly cleared. “On the contrary – concludes Pignatelli – opposites are most popular: retro turtleneck jacket, street pants, and sneakers”. Elton John also wears them. Yet another fashion trend that reflects the spirit of the past, full of contrasts.

We end the year in a turtleneck and a room jacket
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