Ex on the Beach

Ex on the Beach contestant talks about sex on TV

Ex on the Beach contestant talks about sex on TV

Ex on the Beach contestant talks about sex on TV. Emily is fine with the camera running while having sex. However, it is a not so bold situation for her parents.

It is the first time that 20-year-old Emily Beck Nielsen from Sønderjylland participates in a reality show, but that does not mean that she holds back.

She enters the villa as Jeppe Bjerregaard’s ex, and quite quickly she has participated in a hexagon and ended up under the sheets with several of the guys – including Jonas Arnesen and Jeppe Bøg Risager.

‘I regret nothing that I have done in‘ Ex ’as I have been myself all along. Everything I have done in there could also happen “at home”, ie outside the camera. I am a person who lives in the now and takes things as they come. As I usually say: “Better to regret that you did than to regret that you did not,” Emily tells Realityportalen.

»That the viewers should see me having sex on TV does not matter to me, you can not see the act itself, and what you see does not matter to me. After all, we all run around in bikinis and underwear all the time, “she says.

Ex on the beach
Photo: Discovery Networks Denmark

Both when it emerged that Emily is one of the participants in ‘Ex on the Beach’, and now that the program is running, no one in the circle of friends has been surprised.

But one thing is what the friends, with whom she usually parties and shares most of the time, think. Something else is how her close family views it.

“Of course, my parents do not think it’s cool that I’ve had a hexagon on TV, among other things, but they know me so well that they know I’m doing the things I want to and shit on what others think of me, ”Emily explains.

Fortunately, she still finds that both family and friends support 100 percent of everything that comes with being a participant in a reality show like ‘Ex on the Beach’.

“It means an incredible amount,” she says.

Ex on the Beach contestant talks about sex on TV
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