Ferrari disaster,

F1, Monza GP: Hamilton pole ahead of Bottas, Ferrari disaster

Leclerc out of Q2 will start 13th, worse teammate Vettel at the start 17th

MONZA. Hamilton record, Ferrari nightmare. Predictable on paper, almost obvious given the recent trend. The Englishman rules Bottas by 69 thousandths and the rest of the group by a wide margin, with a brushstroke signing the track record at Monza (1’18”887, Raikkonen’s masterpiece canceled in 2018): seventh pole here, 94th in career. No one like him ever. The Red, on the other hand, completes a black week, succeeding in the unedifying undertaking of doing worse than at Spa: Leclerc confirms himself as the thirteenth, Vettel even sinks to seventeenth place on the grid, eliminated already in Q1, thanks to an imprecise strategy. In search of a magical trail, the German finds himself stuck in the traffic of the Parabolica during the launch lap and ends up aborting his last attempt. «We came out of the box at the wrong time – his not so veiled criticism of the team he will part with at the end of the season -, at that point, I couldn’t do anything different. There were too many cars in the same place, it was great chaos ». Ferrari disaster

Little better goes to Leclerc, three tenths from the top-10 of Q2: «I’m not happy, the situation has been difficult for two races. We have tried many things but we have not yet found the solution. My lap was good but it’s a tough period ». Shortly before, in a radio team, he had let himself go to a new outburst: “It’s impossible to do more than this.” There is a hint of frustration in their words. Human. Number thirteen and seventeen on the grid: never so bad, with a start on a couple of badly seen numbers on the grid for superstitious reasons. For the first time since 1984, no Ferrari has qualified in the top 10 and it seems difficult to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. «We have to turn the page – the bitterness of Laurent Mekies, sporting director of the Red – and think about how to get out of this moment. This result is no surprise, we do not expect any particular changes for tomorrow ». Mediocre results that add sadness to the vision of a racetrack without an audience. Ferrari disaster, Ferrari disaster.

On the other hand, who is running fast towards history is Lewis Hamilton. The seventh world champion is there waiting for him and Schumacher’s numbers are ready to be swept away: the record for pole and kilometers traveled in the lead already belongs to the Englishman who is now aiming for the German’s 91 wins. Only two are missing. Now a formality. Its superiority is disturbing. Not even the abolition of the ‘Party Mode’ mapping prevents the bulimic ambition of always arriving in front of everyone. «It was a fantastic performance – his satisfaction -, we needed a clean lap. But Bottas is very close, he really pushed me to the limit ». Sainz’s McLaren, third, surprises: «I risked a lot and the risk paid off. At the Parabolica and Ascari, I managed to fly ». L’ the only good news today for Ferrari as the Spaniard will take over from Vettel at the end of the year. Looking to the future, in Maranello, risks becoming the only way not to get discouraged. Ferrari disaster, Ferrari disaster, Ferrari disaster,

The two Ferraris of Leclerc and Vettel on the Monza circuit, Ferrari disaster
The two Ferraris of Leclerc and Vettel on the Monza circuit

This is the starting grid of the F1 Italian Grand Prix, in Monza, on a circuit of 5.79 km:

1. Lewis Hamilton, GBR / Mercedes, 1: 18,887; 2. Valtteri Bottas, Fin / Mercedes, 1: 18.956; 3. Carlos Sainz Jr, Spa / McLaren Renault, 1: 19.695; 4. Sergio Perez, Mex / Racing Point, 1: 19.720; 5. Max Verstappen, Ola / Red Bull Racing Honda, 1: 19.795; 6. Lando Norris, GNR / McLaren Renault, 1: 19,820; 7. Daniel Ricciardo, Aus / Renault, 1: 19.864; 8. Lance Stroll, Can / Racing Point BWT Mercedes, 1: 20.049; 9. Alexander Albon, Thai / Red Bull Racing Honda, 1: 20.090; 10. Pierre Gasly, Fra / Scuderia Toro Rosso Honda, 1: 20.177.

Eliminated in Q2: 11. Daniil Kvyat, Rus / Scuderia Toro Rosso Honda, 1: 20.169; 12. Esteban Ocon, Fra / Renault, 1: 20.234; 13. Charles Leclerc, Mon / Ferrari, 1: 20.273; 14. Kimi Raikkonen, Fin / Alfa Romeo Racing Ferrari, 1: 20.926; 15. Kevin Magnussen, Dan / Haas Ferrari, 1: 21.573.

Eliminated in Q1: 16. Romain Grosjean, Fra / Haas Ferrari, 1: 21.139; 17. Sebastian Vettel, Ger / Ferrari, 1: 21.151; 18. Antonio Giovinazzi, Ita / Alfa Romeo Racing Ferrari, 1: 21.206; 19. George Russell, GBR / Williams Mercedes, 1: 21.587; 20. Nicholas Latifi, Can / Williams Mercedes, 1: 21.717.

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F1, Monza GP: Hamilton pole ahead of Bottas, Ferrari disaster
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