The fattest model in the world

The fattest model in the world

Tess Halliday was photographed by the paparazzi on the street.

The fattest model in the world The most famous and largest plus-size model, Tess Holliday, at 35, already weighs more than 155 kg. But the star is absolutely not shy about her body and weight. Body positivity has long become not just a worldview, but also a way to make good money. Tess not only goes to the catwalk for shows of clothes of large sizes but also teaches all her subscribers (and she has more than 2 million of them) to love their appearance and accept flaws. Those are happy to listen to Holliday, the number of her fans is growing, and the model now receives more for advertising posts than for the actual shooting for fashion brands. The fattest model in the world

But Tess also has haters who are sure that what the model is now flaunting has nothing to do with health and self-love. After all, the weight of 155-160 kg can already lead to serious diseases and problems.

There is one more thing that Tess’s subscribers have recently begun to embarrass. The fact is that the photos on her Instagram are radically different from those taken by the paparazzi during the model’s rare exits from the house. At first, Tess appears as a pretty donut, at the second, she is not too attractive a person who should lose at least half of her weight. This was proved by the latest pictures of the star. The fattest model in the world

Tess went out for a walk in a bold outfit – a bright red microtope and tight leggings of the same color. And she didn’t look her best.

Of course, the star’s courage can only be envied. But still, she should follow her form. Alas, apparently, she is not going to do this in the near future. And commentators trying to hint to her that it would be worthwhile to limit themselves a little in diet and play sports are simply sent to the ban. The fattest model in the world


The fattest model in the world
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