The first lady of the United States

The first lady of the United States

As in a horror movie: the first lady of the United States bared very wrinkled hands

The first lady of the United States Joe Biden’s 69-year-old wife did not really follow her style before becoming the first lady. At least Jill’s carefully thought-out wardrobe could not be called for sure: the politician’s wife regularly showed the world strange fashion solutions, absolutely far from elegance. But, apparently, with the new status, she also acquired a personal stylist. At Biden’s inauguration, Jill looked just great , and even haters could not find any minuses in her outfit. But then something went wrong again.

For example, for one of her performances, she wore almost the same dress in which the pregnant Megan Markle appeared on the air a few days earlier . It was impossible to confuse: a bright silk dress decorated with images of yellow lemons  by Oscar De La Renta  from the Resort 2021 collection was remembered by everyone. The first lady of the United States

And now Jill blundered again. During the Easter outing with her husband, Mrs. Biden put on a very short sleeved suit, which let her down. Still, age makes itself felt, and, apparently, the first lady is not fond of sports either. Therefore, her wrinkled hand raised in a welcome gesture even frightened some Internet users.

It is known that hands always give away both age and real physical fitness. And the inner part of the forearm and shoulder is one of the most insidious areas that can sag even in young girls who don’t really like the gym. Well, at the age of Jill, it is worth showing hands in this way only if you are sure that you actually look perfect. The first lady of the United States

Look at the most beautiful aging actresses. 75-year-old Helen Mirren , for example, never appears on the red carpet in a sleeveless dress. At the same time, she can quite afford tight silhouettes, lace inserts, and a neckline. In the end, it looks much more luxurious than bare arms and shoulders. And 71-year-old Meryl Streep can afford open dresses. Despite the fact that she is two years older than Jill Biden, the actress looks much younger than the first lady of the United States. The first lady of the United States

It is hoped that Jill Biden will soon find a new stylist who will take her outings seriously. In the meantime, we propose to look at the other most disastrous exits of the first ladies and queens of different countries. The first lady of the United States

The first lady of the United States
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