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Football: Brazil introduces wage parity between men and women

This was announced by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF)

Brazil has introduced a policy of equal pay between the men’s and women’s green-gold national teams, to receive the same daily wage. This was announced by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). Players and female players will receive the same daily amount and the cash prizes will also be leveled, albeit in proportion to the various cash prizes of FIFA at the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

CBF president Rogerio Caboclo announced the news when national team manager Pia Sundhage made the call-up for training in September. The CBF number one said the new practice was already in place in March. “Since March of this year, CBF has given equal value in terms of prizes and daily rates to men’s and women’s football,” said Caboclo.

«That is, the players earn the same amount as the players for the squads for the national team. There is no longer any gender difference, as CBF treats men and women equally. What women will earn by winning or participating in next year’s Olympics will be the same as men will have ».

Brazil’s women’s team, however, has not played since March, when global football crashed due to the coronavirus pandemic. For the same pay, Brazil is following in the footsteps of Australia, Norway, and New Zealand, which previously decided to pay the same amount to their nationals, men, and women. The CBF has also appointed Aline Pellegrino coordinator of women’s competitions and Duda Luizelli coordinator of women’s national teams. 

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Football: Brazil introduces wage parity between men and women
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