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What does #FreeBritney movement present

The hashtag has emerged: #FreeBritney.

Recently, a hashtag has emerged: #FreeBritney. A hashtag around the highly publicized Britney Spears, whose health intrigues fans.

What is going on with Britney Spears? For some time now, the star has been at the heart of the news. For good reason, fans are wondering about the status of the pop icon. #FreeBritney! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Everyone goes there with his little comment: what becomes of Brtiney Spears? Active on social networks, his crazy dances, and posts, to say the least, worrying raise questions.

Theories abound around this hashtag: #FreeBritney. A way for star aficionados to communicate around her. And its alleged “guardianship”.

Since 2008, it is her father, Jamie Spears who manages the star. This, because of his setbacks at the time. Justin Timberlake’s ex, for example, had driven with his son on his lap…

That said, at 38, some wonder why the star can not manage his money alone, or go as he sees fit. Her early fans believe Britney Spears is being held against her will.

For his fans, it is obvious that it is a hoax to control it in his shadow. In their eyes, the evidence is increasing, while next July 22, the judge will decide or not for the extension of this guardianship.


The renewed popularity of the hashtag #FreeBritney, therefore, coincides with this court decision. Artist biographer Joachim Ohnona even said it was “like that every time there is a new audience” regarding the tutelage of Britney Spears.

Especially since for many, this guardianship only worsens his disastrous mental health. Some have even asked the star what she calls for help with a certain ploy.

A fan asked her to wear yellow if she ever felt she needed help. Something she did right away in one of her videos that followed this post.

Ditto for the black color: “if you ever get into trouble, wear black”. Neither one nor two, the interpreter of “Gimme More” therefore wears black in the following video.

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What does #FreeBritney movement present


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