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Glam rock and pirates: Cher’s three new looks

Glam rock and pirates: Cher’s three new looks at the Las Vegas campaign

The election campaign is underway in the United States, and Glam rock and pirates, and many celebrities are actively involved in campaigning. Some stars actively oppose the incumbent President Donald Trump, urge their subscribers to take part in the voting, citing their own example: some have already cast their votes ahead of schedule (the main voting day is November 3).


Singer Cher was no exception. This weekend, the 74-year-old singer took part in the campaign rally of US presidential candidate Joe Biden in Las Vegas, Nevada. Glam rock and pirates

In public, Cher appeared in a T-shirt from the campaign merch of Biden and Kamala Harris (she claims to be the vice president of the Democratic Party), black tight pants, a black jacket, and boots with chunky soles.

Glam rock and pirates

Glam rock and pirates

The day before, Cher chose a similar look, but added a glam rock touch to it – for the stage appearance, she chose a cropped shiny jacket, which was combined with the singer’s silver manicure. Glam rock and pirates

Cher not only spoke a few words in support of Biden but also sang the song Walking in Memphis for everyone present. The composition was written and performed for the first time by American singer Mark Cohn in 1991, and Cher released her cover in 1995.

Glam rock and pirates

Glam rock and pirates

This is one of the highlights of my 74-year-old life

– Cher admitted to the audience and urged everyone to vote. Glam rock and pirates

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Glam rock and pirates: Cher’s three new looks
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