Green Carpet Fashion Awards,

Green Carpet Fashion Awards: celebrities holograms

Green Carpet Fashion Awards: celebrities holograms, virtual show

With holograms and augmented reality

From the land of fashion out into the whole world: On October 10th, the Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana (CNMI) is hosting the fourth edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards. Like many events, the largest award ceremony for sustainable fashion can only take place virtually due to the corona pandemic.

Together with the sustainability agency Eco-Age, of which Livia Firth (51) is co-founder, and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the CNMI will welcome some of the biggest names in the sustainable fashion industry to Milan – virtually. The event was launched in 2017 and honors the social and ecological commitment of designers and fashion houses.

Green Carpet Fashion Awards: This is what the audience can expect

The most important part of the evening, the red carpet, will become the first digital “Green Carpet” on October 10th, which will give an overview of the work of sustainable designers and manufacturers. Celebrities like Stella McCartney or Eco-Age director Livia Firth will appear as holograms or give an exclusive insight into their wardrobes. In addition, there are visual special effects that Grammy-nominated director Giorgio Testi created together with the film studio Pulse Films.

Where can you see the Green Carpet Fashion Awards?

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards will be broadcast on October 10th from around 9:55 pm via Sky Atlantic, Sky Ticket, and Sky Go and are available on-demand via Sky Q. There actor Robert Downey Jr. (55) moderates the opening and closing of the event. “This event is innovative and solution-oriented, so I’m very excited to be attending its premiere,” said Downey Jr. in advance. Stars like actor Colin Firth (60), the ex-husband of Livia Firth, and Masie Williams (23, “Game of Thrones”) also have virtual appearances on the show.

GCFA 2020: Zendaya receives “Visionary Award”

A winner has already been determined: In a digital press conference a few days before the event, the CNMI announced that actress and fashion influencer Zendaya (24) would receive the “GCFA Visionary Award”. The award honors pioneers in the sustainable fashion industry. Zendaya not only campaigned for inclusion and diversity in fashion but also used her platform to show how she can personally change the industry, for example by repeatedly introducing small, unknown designers on her big stage.


Green Carpet Fashion Awards: celebrities holograms
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