Hailey Bieber street style
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Hailey Bieber street style showed slimming corset

Accent on the waist: Hailey Bieber showed how to play a slimming corset in a casual look

Hailey Bieber street style although she adores oversize, at the same time skillfully plays with it in everyday looks, if possible emphasizing her slender figure with it. It’s all about the right accents and the chosen cut of things. As you know, the most win-win combination is a voluminous top and a tight-fitting bottom, it also works in the opposite direction, which the supermodel proved. Hailey Bieber street style

Hailey Bieber street style

The star chose a one-piece set, consisting of a jumper with a corset insert and super-wide trousers, which the model did not even tighten with a belt, thereby emphasizing a thin waist. Haley complemented the monochrome look with snow-white sneakers and a red leather bag, and as accessories, she preferred minimalistic gold chains.

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Hailey Bieber street style showed slimming corset
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