Hailey Bieber wears a sexy dress

Hailey Bieber wears a sexy dress that looks like a BBW

Until now, there was no doubt that Haley is very slim, but now there are reasons for fears for the star’s figure. Hailey Bieber wears a sexy dress, it’s all to blame for the unfortunate dress that the top model decided to try on the other day. It was a leather model, more reminiscent of artifacts from Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe. Perhaps it’s all about associations, but the parameters of Hailey’s figure are noticeably closer to those on which Kim made her state …

The slender girl suddenly began to seem more overweight, folds appeared on her stomach, and her chest, under the onslaught of a leather corset, began to “overflow” over the edge.

Hailey Bieber wears a sexy dress

Leather dresses are dangerous. They will always form folds where they do not exist anatomically. If we are talking about a corset that tightens with the help of plates, then the situation is normalized, but if there are no additional devices, the effect of “sausage in a film” is guaranteed. Another disadvantage of such models is the creation of additional volume due to the play of light on the creases of the material. But the main trouble with this image of Haley is not at all in the model of the dress, but in the fact that its size was chosen not quite adequately: the dress for the girl is frankly not enough. Hailey Bieber wears a sexy dress

Hailey Bieber wears a sexy dress
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