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Why hair removal is better than shaving: reviews for and against

5 reasons to get rid of body hair with the help of a specialist.

Why hair removal is better than shaving? Every girl sooner or later asks the question: which is more effective – shaving or epilation. And, I must say, at first it is not so easy to answer this question. 

Shaving is dangerous and uncomfortable

Someone is more accustomed to removing hair on the surface of the skin: shaving off, using various gels for depilation, or doing the shaving. However, if you have delicate, irritating skin, these methods can cause significant inconvenience. The slightest damage to the skin can result in inflammation and redness, and the growing hairs begin to cling to the skin. Firstly, it is unaesthetic, and secondly, it is painful. Moreover, the depilation procedure must be repeated regularly, which is not always convenient if you are on vacation, for example. 

Epilators give long-lasting results

That is why, having suffered for many years with razors and wax, many girls come to epilation  – the procedure for destroying the hair follicle with a laser or electric current. It is carried out in professional clinics, and the result lasts from several months to several years. And although, in general, hair removal is more expensive and causes more discomfort, the thought of not having to worry about hair on the body for a long time is undoubtedly warming. 

By the way, you can remove the hair along with the root using the usual plucking with tweezers or an electric epilator. In this case, new growth will appear no earlier than two to three weeks: it takes some time to form a new bulb. However, new hairs are more likely to be thicker and darker than old hairs, and ingrown hairs will start to appear. Before removing hair from the root, it is recommended to massage the skin under the scalp and cool it with a piece of ice to relieve pain and prepare for a rather unpleasant procedure. 

Reasons to epilate, not shave

  1. You won’t have to worry about unwanted hair for a long time.
  2. Ability to remove hair in hard-to-reach areas where shaving is not possible, such as near moles and scars.
  3. No skin injuries such as cuts that can leave scars.
  4. No risk of ingrown hairs that exists when shaving. 
  5. The ability to remove fuzz on the face, which is quite difficult to do when shaving. 

There are also contraindications Why hair removal is better than shaving

  • Doctors advise not to resort to hair removal for those who have capillaries close to the skin surface.
  • And shaving is not recommended for people with poor blood clotting, because during this procedure it is very easy to damage the skin.
  • It is also undesirable to do hair removal procedures for those who suffer from low immunity. The slightest inflammation and wound can result in long-term skin problems.

Readers’ opinion

  • Shaving

For: Anya Belkevich, 24 years old

– I am one of those people who cannot stand even the slightest hairs on the legs and bikini area, so waiting for a whole month for depilation is not at all my option. I prefer the machine. Fast, painless and effective. I don’t face the problem of ingrowth and irritation, because in addition to shaving, I take care of the skin: I make scrubs, I use creams and lotions. In winter I plan to combine shaving and laser, I’m even wondering what will come of it. 

Against: Ulyana Nemtsova, 33

– One serious cut was enough for me to put the razor aside for good and start looking for an alternative way to remove body hair. I also remember the irritation that sometimes appeared on the body after shaving. The only time a machine can really come in handy is on a long journey.

  • Epilation

For: Vlada Timofeeva, 29 years old

– I love azure hair removal for its long-term effect. No other hair removal method gives this result. Moreover, the procedure is almost painless (and each time the discomfort decreases), which is also important. As I recall how much time I had to spend shaving before, cold sweat appears.

Against: Irina Ignatieva, 23

– I don’t know about others, but for me, the most difficult thing is to wait until the hair grows back. I absolutely cannot walk even with small vegetation. The pain during the procedure does not cause fear, but the sight of the legs (the first day) is scary. And the most distressing thing is the ingrown hair. Perhaps this is all individual, but for me, the procedure is not worth the time spent. Why hair removal is better than shaving

Expert opinion on depilation cream: for or against

Hair removal cream is called a chemical depilatory, as its composition is able to influence the structure of the hair, which consists of protein and keratin. The active substances allow you to remove hair, but it should be borne in mind that the effect of the cream depends on the structure and strength.

The main feature of depilation is that the hair root, that is, the hair follicle itself, does not suffer, so the effect of the procedure is comparable to regular shaving. Creams have now been developed that suit different types of hair, from coarse to soft, each with its own formula. For example, a moisturizer containing aloe juice is used for sensitive skin.

Benefits of Why hair removal is better than shaving

  • If the depilatory cream is used correctly, the hair is removed painlessly and without damage.
  • Depending on the type of hair, on average, depilation takes up to 15 minutes.
  • The tube is enough for a large number of applications.
  • The right product is suitable for the most sensitive skin areas.

disadvantages Why hair removal is better than shaving

  • An unpleasant smell from the cream is common.
  • Temporary effect.
  • A chemical burn may occur if used incorrectly.
  • Allergic reaction.

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Why hair removal is better than shaving: reviews for and against
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