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Hermès unveils its ideal wardrobe

“Savoir-faire d’Hermès” brings together ten timeless pieces inspired by the house’s icons. A capsule designed by Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski.

The concept. Hermès is a house known throughout the world for its luxury upholstery, its sensual silk squares, and its famous leather bags such as the “Kelly” or the “Birkin”. The novelty? A limited-edition capsule imagined by the artistic director of women’s ready-to-wear Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski, which offers an ideal Hermès wardrobe, by reinterpreting the emblematic pieces, those which tell her heritage and will later be embellished with new creations.  

What we find. All the souls of 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Starting with the mosaic decoration of the flagship store, a place inaugurated in 1880 which houses the shop, offices, and workshops. The symbol thus appears on a skirt suit in double wool embroidered with lambskin. And also the drawing of the Brides de Gala, an equestrian image drawn in 1957, illustrates a blanket coat with generous volume. The Bandana and Clous Médor motifs, borrowed from leather goods, are reinterpreted on a shirt dress.                              

What we discover. Functional pieces twisted with style, like this pleated dress in leather and black wool crepe, or this white shirt in embroidered cotton poplin. But also re-editions of past collections that made the designer famous when she joined the saddler in 2014, such as this autumn-winter 2015 biker jacket reworked with embroidery.

The cult piece: the equestrian coat

The fit: Loose as a horse blanket that tightens with leather straps. A perfect line in the forms.     

Versatility: Chiaroscuro palette and Brides de gala motif: the Hermès heritage is combined in a chic sportswear style.

Hermès, wardrobe,

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Hermès unveils its ideal wardrobe
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