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Ideas for Hairstyles and Styling with Bangs

Ideas for hairstyles and styling with bangs: trends of summer 2020

Here’s how to style and braid your hair if you have bangs.

Perhaps the popularity of the bangs is due to the long self-isolation regime: they say, they wanted to change themselves so much that everyone went to the salons to cut off the strands from the face. Or the acclaimed TV series “Normal People” is to blame, the main character of which is constantly wearing bangs. And we admit, it suits her incredibly! In any case, the fact remains: bangs have won love among celebrities and celebrity stylists, prompting millions of women to decide on a change in their image. However, now the question arises: how to style your hair and what hairstyles to do? We tried to answer this in the material and provide you with ideas, inspiration, and aesthetically beautiful examples.

1. Flying bangs with curls

Dreaming of bangs, most of us imagine luxurious flying curls and voluminous, always perfectly lying bangs, like fashion blogger Matilda Gerf. And if it is clear with large curls, then how to put the bangs? It’s simple: you need a hairdryer and a round brush. Watch the video below and repeat after the hair master (with bangs, the hairstyling principle is the same).

2. Low and high beams

Ideal Hairstyles for haircuts with bangs. Bundle at the top, bottom center, or side, and add your favorite accessories. Our favorite option is not to tie your hair with an elastic band, but with a scarf.

3. Pinned top strands

Here we are talking about Malvinkas in the style of Ariana Grande, and about bundles made from the top of the hair. There are two options: either use a flat iron and make your hair, including bangs, perfectly smooth, or you can achieve maximum carelessness with sea salt sprays, or by winding the strands in advance.

4. Curls at the face and hair pulled into a ponytail

If the bangs have already grown, but are not yet braided into a tail or braid, you can add volume and texture to it with a curling iron or iron and a special spray. And the more casual the hairstyle looks, the more spectacular.

And finally, you can always pin a boring fringe that you no longer like. For this purpose, Invisibles, crackers, headbands, headscarves, and other stylish accessories are perfect.

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Ideas for Hairstyles and Styling with Bangs
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