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Katie Holmes smooches in public in New York

Katie Holmes seems more in love than ever before

Katie Holmes smooches in public in NewYork. currently seems to be on cloud nine more than ever – but who is Tom Cruise‘s ex dating? Emilio Vitolo is a chef by profession. Unlike Katie, he has nothing to do with the red carpets of the world. Is that what the actress thinks so hot about her new lover? At the moment, the signs are definitely on dating. And as the latest pictures show, there is also hot licking.

Emilio Vitolo is an actor and cook

The latest photos of Katie and her 33-year-old Emilio show them at an intimate dinner in New York City. The two do not shy away from sharing their infatuation with the general public. Even though they know that passers-by are watching them, they exchange passionate kisses at the table. 

By the way, the two lovers have also perfectly matched the colors. While she is sitting at the table in a stylish navy blue coat, Emilio is wearing blue boyfriend jeans. Katie Holmes smooches

The men in Katie Holmes’ life

So far, no love from Katie Holmes was made to last. From 2006 to 2012 the actress was married to Tom Cruise. The two have their daughter Suri (14). Katie then dated Jamie Foxx for six years. However, the two rarely appeared together in public. But this love also broke. In autumn 2019, Katie Holmes appeared with a beautiful stranger at the Mailender Fashion Week.  But this liaison was not made to last forever. Katie has been known as single since then, until now.

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Katie Holmes smooches in public in New York
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