Katy Perry with a double chin

Katy Perry with a double chin

Katy Perry posted a selfie with a double chin, which Ida Galich herself will envy

Katy Perry with a double chin What we love Katy Perry for is her cheerful disposition, which has not disappeared even after the birth of her daughter last year. The 36-year-old singer can still surprise her audience with an insane outfit, a bold statement (for example, a complete refusal to shave her legs), or amuse bad selfies, which Perry herself clearly does not consider as such. Katy Perry with a double chin

Confirmation of this can be safely served by her recent publication on Instagram, where she posted a series of pictures. Flipping through the carousel, it seems that everything looks more than decent. Katie put on bright makeup, neatly styled her hair, and also did not forget about the main secret of bloggers for a winning shot – a languid look and a slightly open mouth. Katy Perry with a double chin

But in a series of pictures are a couple that clearly stands out from the rest of the photo. One of them is a double chin shot. It is clear that even after pregnancy celebrity does not suffer so much excess weight that can not hide the folds of fat on his face. Yes, the whole thing in perspective from below, which is visually added Kathy not only ten kilograms, but years. Katy Perry with a double chin

However, it should be said that there are also amateurs (oddly enough) to spread their double chins, which is actually not among the Russian stars. Among them is one of the most prominent ex-member of “House-2” Victoria Bonya and TV presenter Ida Galich. The latter, incidentally, can generally safely compete for the comic title of “Miss anti selfie” – and that’s what visual fotodokazatelstva! Katy Perry with a double chin


Katy Perry with a double chin
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