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Kendall Jenner Wear a Cropped Cardigan

Learning to Wear a Cropped Cardigan from Kendall Jenner

In the United States, all quarantine measures have not yet been officially lifted, so 24-year-old Kendall Jenner is temporarily not participating in modeling, but is enjoying a vacation with friends.

Only recently, the paparazzi spotted a beauty on the beach with Will Smith’s 22-year-old son Jaden, and now the catwalk star is spending time with her friend. Reporters captured the girls dining in a Malibu restaurant – even dark glasses did not help to hide from journalists.

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Kendall is clearly preparing to go out to look her best. Jenner wore a cropped lime cardigan, which she unbuttoned at the bottom to expose her toned belly and a black mini-skirt that barely covered her hips.

Complementing the already catchy look are dark-colored sandals with thin straps and a neon bag with a small dragonfly keychain, which was effectively combined with the top. Note that the model did not neglect safety measures and put on a protective mask.

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Kendall Jenner Wear a Cropped Cardigan
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