Kirkorov pinched Buzova on her ass

Kirkorov pinched Buzova on her ass

Spring Fever? Kirkorov squeezed Buzova on stage and pinched her ass

Kirkorov pinched Buzova on her ass The singer could not contain her emotions and ran away from the stage. Olga Buzova meticulously gathered for the Heat-2021 award, which took place on April 4 at the Crocus City Hall in the capital. However, the event was not very successful for the star.

At first, everyone discussed the image of the 35-year-old singer. The star’s dress, made to order by a Russian designer, was very reminiscent of a wedding dress – white, lush, with a huge train. The star was probably counting on such associations. But the reaction was unexpected. They began to compare the dress not with a wedding dress, but with a gypsy costume, grandmother’s dusty curtain, cellophane and even toilet paper. Kirkorov pinched Buzova on her ass

The next failure happened on stage. Olga was one of the leading awards: together with Philip Kirkorov and Ksenia Sobchak, she announced the nominees and winners. Buzova planned to hold the ceremony in a formal framework, but her colleagues decided to add “peppercorns”. Kirkorov pinched Buzova on her ass

Sobchak, in her usual manner, began to provoke the ex-co-host of “House-2”. She began to find out from Kirkorov why he communicates with David Manukyan, the former lover of Buzova.

“Tell me, Philip, why are you communicating with Dava? Does he even pay you for PR? ” – asked the journalist. Instead of answering, Kirkorov kissed Buzova on the cheek, stood behind her, and hugged her tightly around the waist. Olga supported Xenia’s question. “Yes, what will he tell you after he sees you hugging me?” – she asked the singer. “He will be happy for his friend. He is my friend, ”Kirkorov hastened to answer. Kirkorov pinched Buzova on her ass

Then Ksenia asked Olga with whom she liked to hug more, with Philip or with Dava. Buzova, who was very upset by parting, could not restrain herself. “Oh, you rat!” – she turned to Sobchak.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, Kirkorov continued to hug his colleague. However, this angered Buzova even more: she threw off the hand of the 53-year-old people’s artist and tried to read from a piece of paper. In response, Kirkorov pinched her on the ass, but the presenter did not appreciate the joke and admitted that she was shy. After that, according to eyewitnesses, Olga burst into tears backstage, and after a while, she left the event in a hurry.

Earlier, Olga Buzova took offense at Philip Kirkorov because he did not recognize her in the “Mask” show. On the project, she performed in the costume of the Pink Panther. “How did you not recognize me, your muse, your girl, your princess … How many tips I gave you! How much I said how I want you to spank me! ” – the star turned to the singer. Prior to this, the jury member threatened to spank characters who do not tell him the truth. Kirkorov pinched Buzova on her ass


Kirkorov pinched Buzova on her ass
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