lady gaga nicknames

Lady Gaga unexpectedly reminded fans of her real name

The singer addressed fans with an important statement

The United States is actively preparing for the presidential elections. And this year, all Hollywood celebrities, without exception, joined the campaigns of their candidates and simply reminded the public how important it is to demonstrate their own civic position by voting. It is curious that some of the top-list stars tried to attract the attention of the audience in a very shocking way – Chris Evans lit up intimate areas on social networks, and Madonna decisively dyed her hair pink. Surprised fans – though not so radically – and Lady Gaga. lady gaga nicknames

Earlier this week, she announced that she would focus on helping Americans formulate a voting plan for the November 3 general election. And now she is back on social networks with a new song, which she wrote specifically for registration at virtual polling stations. lady gaga nicknames

Gaga looked classy and elegant in a pink sweater with rolled-up sleeves and black trousers. Remarkably, after numerous experiments with color, she again returned to the signature platinum blonde.

Even more curious, in the video, Gaga first introduced herself to fans with her real name – Stephanie Germanotta. “You guys know me as Lady Gaga, but my name is Stephanie Germanotta,” she said, articulating each syllable clearly. – For the next 21 days, I want to talk to you like Stephanie. It is under this name that I will vote earlier this month in California. ” lady gaga nicknames

Gaga’s message to fans came amid other important news – next March she will begin filming Ridley Scott’s Gucci as Patricia Reggiani, who was convicted of paying the hitman to kill her husband, Maurizio Gucci (heir to the Gucci brand ) – in 1995.

Lady Gaga unexpectedly reminded fans of her real name
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