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The main beauty trend 2020

The main beauty trend 2020 – what is it?

International make-up artist of Dior ProTeam José Teheira shared his opinion

That the coming year? Listing the many beauty trends of the new 2020, it is difficult to limit yourself to one. However, the international makeup artist of Dior ProTeam, Jose Teheira, has confidently managed to identify the one trend that will determine the current makeup for the next 12 months and which he considers the most significant compared to others. The main beauty trend 2020. 

“For me, the main sign of 2020 is the trend towards naturalness and natural beauty, the so-called“ No make-up ”Make-up look. For me, makeup is a way of expressing yourself, the way you interact with the world through cosmetics. And what could be more beautiful and honest than your natural beauty? “

beauty trend 2020, Dior,

“When I do makeup for my clients, I always try to emphasize the individuality of each, to notice something special that distinguishes them from others. In this, I see the special meaning of makeup. And despite the fact that I, as a make-up artist, of course, love to experiment with different colors and techniques, still, a permanent trend for me is a natural and natural image, ”Jose said.


The main beauty trend 2020
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