Masks and Disinfectant Gels Produced by Fashion Houses
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Masks and Disinfectant Gels Produced by Fashion Houses

Italy fashion houses produce masks and disinfectant gels

Masks and Disinfectant Gels Produced by Fashion Houses
Masks and Disinfectant Gels Produced by Fashion Houses. Italian fashion houses produce masks.  In difficult times of the Epoch of Coronavirus, even the Italian fashion world has decided to contribute to the fight against an emergency. Various factories in Italy have converted their production, to create masks necessary for health workers and the public. Even some cosmetic companies have done the same by launching the production of disinfectant gels.

Positive answer from the fashion world

The lack of personal protective equipment and disinfecting gel (everyone heard about the demand for amuchina antiseptics on the market) has pushed many Italian factories in the world of fashion and cosmetics to respond to this global crisis. In Italy, they talk about an ever-growing number of companies, both small and large, which in a very short time were able to transform their production. Organization Confindustria moda (A federation uniting companies and associations in the field of textiles, fashion, and accessories, for the sake of production excellence) pulls the strings to rationalize all these initiatives and coordinate them in order to get a more effective answer. In addition to producing masks, companies also produce lab coats and shoes for healthcare professionals.
Claudio Marenzi, president of Confindustria Moda, said he, in coordination with the regional administrations, civil protection and the Ministry of Health, has developed a protocol that will subsequently be officially promulgated by the Italian government and voluntarily applied by the Confindustria Moda Members. Meanwhile, the organization has collected all applications for the production of the necessary material, “non-woven material” (tessuto non tessuto TNT), from companies that can produce fabrics with anti-drip, antibacterial and water-repellent characteristics for the manufacture of masks. The reaction was immediate. More than 100 applications from all over Italy have been received daily. These companies must strictly follow all protocol guidelines.

Steps of “Sistema Moda Italia”

Gianfranco Di Natale, General Director of SMI Fashion System Italy, confirmed that many companies belonging to the “Textile and Fashion Federation”, with a total of almost 50 thousand in Italy, can carry out this production and they have already begun transforming their production lines. Some member companies are already ready for the production of “non-surgical” gowns and masks, and their implementation may begin after the authorities issue an explanatory circular. Among the companies that “converted” the production, Modaimpresa, located in Molise, in the province of Isernia, will be able to supply Italy with approximately 10,000 masks per day, which will be distributed in batches of 500 each.

Masks and Disinfectant Gels Produced by Fashion Houses. Masks and Disinfectant Gels Produced by Fashion Houses.

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Masks and Disinfectant Gels Produced by Fashion Houses
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