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Megxit: “Harry is really struggling to get by”

Harry is really struggling to get by

It has been several months since Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their son, Archie, left the United Kingdom to settle on the other side of the Atlantic. First in Canada, then in Los Angeles where the couple began to participate in some charitable operations in particular.
But this new life would be difficult for Prince Harry. Far from his family, his friends, and his usual activities, he would have great difficulty finding his place. Royalty specialist Tom Quinn spoke in the ” Daily Star On the prince’s difficulties. And he really is not tender with Harry and his new American life: “Harry is really struggling to get by what is he going to do in Los Angeles? What can he do outside the UK? He can’t even find a job at a McDonald’s … ”

Tom Quinn adds that today Prince Harry feels exactly like Meghan Markle when she was in the UK: “What is her role? He cannot walk the Labrador every day for the rest of his life. He cannot have a job at McDonald’s or in an investment bank, so what will he do? “

Criticism of Prince Harry is rife at the moment. In the “Mirror”, a former soldier called him a “finished moron” who “would have turned his back on everyone at the first difficulty”. A position that goes bad when the prince had promised: “to spend the rest of his life fighting for us, the veterans”. The release of the couple’s official biography in August will be an opportunity to explain clearly what happened. Hoping that Prince Harry will return to the hearts of the English again.

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Megxit: “Harry is really struggling to get by”


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