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Mia Khalifa encourages self-love and shows up on TikTok

Mia Khalifa is promoting self-esteem by celebrating everything about herself, including her extra skin, in a new TikTok video.

Mia Khalifa shared a new video on TikTok and her Instagram stories. The former porn star reminded her fans to love their bodies no matter what shape or size they are. Khalifa shared a clip of TikTok user @mariapacelli, who showed her stomach to her followers, along with a video of her own body.

“Time to normalize the extra skin, stretch marks, and everything else that comes with weight loss. Self-love, ”@mariapacelli wrote in her TikTok video, which Khalifa said had been removed. The former adult star commented on her own body, which she wore in blue underwear, saying, “I love my extra skin.”

Khalifa also praised the TikTok user, who has been documenting her weight loss journey on her profile. This isn’t the first time the former sportscaster has promoted self-esteem and acceptance of traits often associated with unattractiveness. To see Mia Khalifa’s video click HERE.

Mia Khalifa promotes self-love

In July, Khalifa and her friend took to Instagram to ask the social media star’s followers their perceptions about things that need to be normalized. One user pointed out that the hips should be normalized, to which Khalifa replied, “Your hips are beautiful just the way they are.”

Another fan of the model pointed out that acne should also be normalized, and the former porn star showed her own blemishes to her followers. “Normalize what, normalize what, normalize acne. What is that? “He said, adding in the caption:” Normalizes loving yourself.

One person said that being an average looking girl and not an Instagram influencer should be normalized. Khalifa agreed and didn’t hesitate to reveal the sagging in her stomach. Khalifa has also been open about his insecurities, particularly his nose, and his decision to go under the knife.

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Mia Khalifa encourages self-love and shows up on TikTok
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