Milan Tulipov to reshape his face

Milan Tulipov to reshape his face

“You are ugly!” How the dearest person encouraged Milan Tulipov to reshape his face

Milan Tulipov to reshape his face The ex-wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov, 27-year-old Milana Tyulpanova, in a frank interview for the YouTube channel “Alena, damn it!” told who prompted the girl to undergo numerous operations.

In an interview, the girl shared that she did the first “improvement” operation at the age of 18, and then it started. With their help, the girl was able to change herself beyond recognition and shared how her tyrannical father, who did not know how to show feelings, spoke to her face about all her shortcomings. Milana said that her father repeatedly told her that her nose was potatoes and that she was not as beautiful as her mother. Once the parent of the star even suggested to his wife to put his daughter on the Ilizarov apparatus, which would lengthen her legs. On this proposal, his father’s imagination did not run out, and he found a new way to make Milan taller, injecting her with the growth vaccine. Milan Tulipov to reshape his face

At some point in time, a growth hormone vaccine appeared, and they wanted to inject it into me. Dad was generally obsessed with this idea, because he liked tall women. <…> Thank God, according to some indicators, I was not injected with growth hormone, because it was an experimental vaccine, and those children who were injected ended up blind, ”said the host Milana Tyulpanova. Milan Tulipov to reshape his face

The ex-wife of the football player says that she was able to calm down only when she managed to radically change herself with the help of plastics. And then the girl became aware of everything that had happened.

Until I redid everything and realized with my head that this is not the problem, but the problem is that I cannot accept myself. And I cannot accept myself, because I lived in such a closed space, where they said that I was abnormal, I was not the norm, I was ugly, not smart, I was not enough, ”the girl sincerely shared. Milan Tulipov to reshape his face

This attitude of the parents had a very strong impact on the psyche of Milana, and the girl still works with psychologists in order to understand everything and resolve her internal problems. It was this kind of manifestation of love that caused Milana Tulipova a lot of pain and disappointment, and the worst thing was a complete rejection of herself.


Milan Tulipov to reshape his face
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