Miniskirt is making a comeback
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Miniskirt is making a comeback

Miniskirt is making a comeback: This is how we wear the skirt today

Miniskirt: The feminism of the swinging sixties is more relevant than ever!

Miniskirt is making a comeback. The legendary model Twiggy made the miniskirt into perhaps the hippest it-piece in the wardrobe in the 60s and 70s. The piece is more than just fashion: the short skirt is a symbol of women’s emancipation known worldwide. The design by London designer Mary Quandt triggered a real fashion revolution in the early 1960s: the short skirt with a high waistband and A-line declared war on the conservative image of women. In the year 2021, the rebellious mini skirt is still very topical – and wraps women in self-confident looks for every occasion. These are our hot picks for this year.

n the style of the 60s, flashy patterns and colorful prints are conquering the fashion capitals of the world. You can’t go wrong when paired with a plain white blouse. If you like it more conspicuous, you can try a mix of patterns. Colorful tights create an original 60s look – in everyday life the color clash is perhaps too much of a good thing. The mini skirt Danby * in rich yellow with a carnation pattern also attracts everyone’s attention.


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Beige is one of the trend colors of the year. So why not kill two birds with one stone and make the eye-catching Mini in a simple color palette suitable for everyday use? This minimalist version of the miniskirt * gives creativity a lot of leeway, the combination possibilities seem endless.

Why we love the mini skirt

One thing is clear: even almost 60 years later, the miniskirt occasionally causes a stir in the workplace. Reason enough for more women to wear short skirts and set an example for freedom and emancipation.


Miniskirt is making a comeback
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