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Is navel piercing making a comeback?

While we thought it had been forgotten forever, the navel piercing is making a comeback.

If you grew up in your 90s to 2000s, chances are you’ve succumbed to a belly button piercing. These jewelry were the cool accessory for every teenage girl. On the occasion of a clip or a magazine cover, the stars proudly posed their stomachs in the air to reveal their diam’s bling-bling. Among them, we remember Britney SpearsBeyoncé, or Jenifer. At that time, there were two categories of teens. Those who had managed to obtain the sacred approval to have their navel pierced, and the others who, tired of fighting against a categorical refusal of their parents, opted for a fake piercing very often offered in the magazine “Fan 2 Aka the bible of all young girls. Then over time, the navel piercing became outdated. Worse yet, he was the symbol of bad taste. The trendy girls have little by little buttoned up their top to hide the little mark of the jewel, the only memory of its existence. 


If we thought that the trend of the diamond or the ring in the middle of the belly was definitely over, some stars make us doubt our certainties. After the return of the nose piercing, it seems that the navel has not said its last word. Better yet, the younger generation is keen to restore it to its former glory. This is particularly the case of Billie Eilish, an emblematic figure of this new wave of artists with a singular style. On Instagram, the singer did not hesitate to unveil her new jewel. Same story, on the side of the model Hailey Bieber. The pretty blonde very often displays her pierced navel. Finally, Beyoncé never really forgot her navel piercing. The one we nickname Queen B knows how much yesterday’s trends make tomorrow’s good days!

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Is navel piercing making a comeback?
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