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New frame captures the finest of both spring and Easter

New frame captures the finest of both spring and Easter. bonbonniere, Easter, easter 2020, Kähler, Hammershøi,

New frame captures the finest of both spring and Easter

Newly sprouted branches, traditional Easter 2020 symbols, Nordic color DNA and an elegant design language with watercolor. Kähler has given the classic white Hammershøi frame an adventurous transformation that makes it playfully easy to cover beautifully for Easter and spring lunch.

Easter days score high on the list of popular holidays – only just surpassed by Christmas. The cozy mini holiday at the beginning of spring is for many equal to delicious food and presence with the family. At the same time, it is a good occasion to celebrate the brighter and brighter days we have finally embarked on and can enjoy for the next few months.

Because Easter often goes hand in hand with the first spring sensations, and with the new Hammerhøi Easter, Kähler unites the mood of both. The adventurous plates, mugs, bonbonniere and hangings are adorned with a lovely combination of hand-painted watercolor decorations and Nordic tones that make the new frame timeless in expression and laid out as a collector’s item that you can cover both Easter and spring tables with year after year.


Seasonal poetry brought to life

Exactly as the name indicates, the grooved Easter set is based on selected parts from Kähler’s white classic. Hammershøi was created as a tribute to cartoonist and painter Svend Hammershøi, who was associated with Kähler’s ceramic workshop for decades, and with his simple lines has won a place in many Danish kitchens and showcases – both in all-white clothes and most recently in a beautiful Christmas version.Hammershoi_Easter_plate_n_hanger_614.jpg

The new Hammershøi Easter is Kähler’s interpretation of Easter as we celebrate it in 2020, but the brand has held on to the classic symbols we have associated with the holiday for centuries. True to tradition, both the hare, the egg, the daffodil, feathers, and berries find their way to the frame, while a sweet spring branch is a pervasive design element on all parts. All hand-painted by the skilled artist Rikke Jacobsen, who is behind the decoration of Hammershøi’s Christmas set.

As many know it from Svend Hammershoi’s fine design language, Rikke Jacobsen also mixes tradition and contemporary renewal in his art. Her beautiful watercolor strokes have a great effect, but at the same time exudes poetic ease, which makes the new frame easy to integrate into the Scandinavian style that has dominated the interior decoration in recent years, and still does. For example, create a modern Easter table with very few tools by mixing parts from the Easter set with a simple white or light frame that you are guaranteed to have at home already.Hammershøi_easter_bonbonniere_614.jpg

Traditionally, modern meets

The frame’s subdued decorations invite the season’s sunshine and budding nature to the table, even when the weather outside may not even follow. With flowery motifs and evergreen notes, you are guaranteed instant spring mood in the home, and you can safely use Hammershøi Easter for both Easter and Spring gatherings – or simply as a decorative feature of your personal interior universe.

The Bonbonniere can be filled with everything from Easter goods to jewelry and ornaments for themselves or as part of a beautiful still life, while the decorative hangings with matching silk ribbons look adorable on a home-picked bouquet of delicate branches. The Scandinavian color palette gives free play to styling the parts with new as well as old, and whatever you have just saved.693244_Hammershoi_Easter_hangers_614.jpg

Despite the classic motifs, Hammershøi Easter emits untraditional and modern design DNA that goes perfectly with the trends of the time. The decorations are not as stringy as in many older classics we know – instead, the frame parts are asymmetrically decorated. It provides a dynamic touch to your table and a great opportunity to find creativity and your inner visual storyteller as you cover up for pleasant Easter moments or a cozy spring brunch with your loved ones.


Initially, Hammershøi Easter introduces plate, mugs, bonbonniere and suspension. 

bonbonniere, Easter, easter 2020, Kähler, Hammershøi. bonbonniere, Easter, easter 2020, Kähler, Hammershøi. bonbonniere, Easter, easter 2020, Kähler, Hammershøi. bonbonniere, Easter, easter 2020, Kähler, Hammershøi.

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