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Nipple surgery, the new trend that hits the mark

Nipple surgery, the new trend that hits the mark

In the United States, nipple surgery has become a scourge that strikes at an early age.

Many women are fixated on certain parts of their body: belly, buttocks, chest, everything goes. Even if the trend is towards self-acceptance, it seems that in the United States the complexes persist and even attack new parts. The whim of the perfect body has therefore struck again with the buzz of nipple surgery.

A frenzy across the Atlantic

Cosmetic surgery practices are always full! All young American women want only one thing right now: to have nipple surgery.

Asked by The Independent, New York plastic surgeon Norman Rowe is worried about this new feminine complex. According to him, this phenomenon comes from the stars. Often without underwear on red carpets, we can guess the shape of their nipples through their dresses. And it is this effect that young Americans want to reproduce.

“My patients also want to wear transparent dresses, and this leads them to

take a more critical look at their nipples.”

The most affected are women under 25. Influenced by their idols such as Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski, or Bella Hadid, they want to reduce the areola of their nipples and have nipples that stick out.

While the trend is really present across the Atlantic, in France, demand remains rather anecdotal and it is perhaps better like that.

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Nipple surgery, the new trend that hits the mark
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