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OPD Closed in Medina

OPD Closed in Medina

OPD Closed in Medina

OPD Closed in Medina. Saudi Arabia’s Department of Health shut down OPDs in hospitals in Medina, while visits to patients have also been banned.

According to News24, the Health Department of Medina has expanded precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and to protect local citizens and foreigners.

Imports started on Sunday, March 29.

According to the Health Department, the meeting with the patients treated at the hospitals in Medina from Madhya Pradesh has been banned – no one can visit any patient even in the public and private hospitals, regardless of the relative. ‘

The statement said, “This decision was made to protect the health and safety of patients and those coming to the office.”

Health Department has ordered the closure of OPD at King Fahd Hospital, Alimaqat Hospital, Madinatha Hajjaj Hospital, Ahad Hospital, Althail Altabi, Al-Madinah General Hospital, and Maternity Hospital.

The ban also includes complexes intended for mental health treatment and a heart disease center.

According to the Health Department of Medina, those who had a history of referring to OPD will be given new dates.

The hospital administration will set new dates by contacting patients, appointments, and referrals from various referrals.

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